Myles Corcoran (mylescorcoran) wrote,
Myles Corcoran

Eminent Domain take 2

We played another game of Eminent Domain last night. Things moved more quickly this time as we had a better grasp of the rules and most of the technology cards. Sam and Alai both bough pretty early into a Research track and I shied away from Research for a while in reaction, but didn't really get a produce/trade engine working instead. I did manage to do well with Colonize actions and settle planets fairly steadily. Alai was also getting the planets out at a good clip, but Sam's Improved Trade technology cards helped her crank out influence points steadily as she also settled more worlds.

As in our last game the end came fairly suddenly with a round of Trades soaking up the remaining influence chips. We hadn't come anywhere close to exhausting one of the role decks. Final scores were Alai 24, Myles 27, and Sam 28. Fun game, and one that I think we'll be replaying.
Tags: 2011, boardgames

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