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Rowan Tree and Red Thread

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

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Eminent Domain
The new shiny in boardgames in our house is Eminent Domain, a card game with a space colonization and conquest gloss. Boardgamegeek's page is here.

We played our first game last night with a three-hander. It took us the to-be-expected age and a half to get a grip on the rules. Much like Race for the Galaxy our first game was a lot longer than it says on the box. I expect future games to be quicker.

Sam seemed to get ahead in the Research action, Alai had the best Produce/Trade engine and I seemed to be ahead with the Colonize action. Despite our impressions during the game no one had an overall lead and it ended in a three-way draw at 30 points apiece. Sam took the game with the tie-breaker due to her sizeable fleet of fighters. Alai placed second on his stack of resources and I took third.

A good game and one I hope to play again soon.

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We've only played the one game so far, but I'm very keen to play more. Some on BBG have called it The Race for the Glory of Dominion, making reference to its similarities to Race for the Galaxy, Glory to Rome and Dominion, but Puerto Rico is definitely in there, as the grand-daddy of role-picking games and with the produce/trade cycle with little coloured wooden tokens.

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